BA’s social network MetroTwin launches Mumbai edition


British Airways has expanded its social networking site to include Indian city Mumbai. As with,  which links London and New York, Metrotwin Mumbai will link Mumbai with London and help travellers find their way in Mumbai and London, with recommendations from local people in each city.

Users are encouraged to link or ‘twin’ all manner of things in both cities by issuing recommendations following an ‘if you like this, you will like that’ formula. In BA’s words:   “Ultimately we want everything on the site to have a ‘twin’, whether it be a place, a neighbourhood or a person. In a nutshell it’s a totally new way to experience [a city]: an online community that brings you recommendations of the best places to go in both cities from the people who actually live and work there.”

The first Metrotwin website launched a year ago with content based on London and New York provided by bloggers and local experts. According to BA, it has 37,000 registered users and 23,000 unique users visit the website per month. The site’s ‘I love this place’ tool has received almost 150,000 suggestions, with bars and restaurants the most popular categories.

Update 23 october 2009: During its first two weeks of October, Metrowin Mumbai attracted more than 1,500 visitors.


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