KLM offers free personalized luggage tags, this time in North America


Picture courtesy of Boarding Area 

KLM  (Royal Dutch Airlines) is inviting consumers in the U.S, Canada and Mexico to create their own personalized baggage label online, using a favourite holiday snapshot, company logo, creative design, or one of KLM’s preselected images. Anyone who subscribes to KLM’s email newsletter is provided with two free personalized luggage tags. After ordering their labels, participants can also join the airline’s ‘Picture yourself on KLM’ contest where they can win two tickets to any destination that KLM flies to.

In KLM’s own words: “Throw away those boring luggage tags and give your baggage a new look by designing your own, unique tag. You can use a photo of your family, your favorite destination, or, to make it easier, you can choose from one of the images pre-selected by KLM. Two tags will be made with your design to ensure you can easily recognize your bags among thousands of others.”

With the campaign KLM aims to create brand awareness and acquire e-mail addresses. The personalized KLM label is also a smart branding tool, since passengers flying with other airlines will have a KLM-branded luggage tag attached to their luggage, which is for example visible when their bag is making its turns on the baggage carousel. In recent years, KLM has held similar ‘luggage tag’ campaigns in countries such as The Netherlands, UK, France, and Japan, where they proved to be very popular.

Update 10 May 2010: KLM is currently running another ‘luggage tag’ campaign, this time for Facebook users in 21 European countries and in North America (United States, Mexico, Canada). To increase the KLM fan base on Facebook, Facebook users can order their own personalized luggage tags when they become a fan of the airline. Users can pick a photo from their Facebook account or upload any other picture. Over 50,000 fans have been attracted to the KLM Facebook account so far.


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