The Amateur-Expert Traveller

Amadeus has just released a new consumer trends report, called ‘The Amateur-Expert Traveller’. According to the study, today’s travellers are more knowledgeable, more adventurous and more likely to live in an emerging economy than ever before. The report is the latest in the series of trend reports by Amadeus, which also include ‘The Austere Traveller’ and ‘Future Travel Tribes 2020’.

The Internet is the major force behind the emergence of the ‘Amateur-Expert Traveller’, making the travel market much  more transparent by putting detailed information at the fingertips of the average traveller. Empowered by the likes of TripAdvisor, Zoover, SeatGuru, Bing Travel and TripWolf, knowledgeable travellers often know more what to expect about their flight, accomodation and destination than most travel, airline or hotel agents. They are also more demanding as their expectations of service have diverged: Today, travellers either expect a totally touchless online self-service experience, or they expect a very high level of personalised service.

The ‘Amateur-Expert Traveller’ is also more adventurous about trying new destinations. Knowledgeable travellers feel more confident about travelling to places about which, previously, there was little information. Furthermore, the North Americans and Northern Europeans, who have traditionally dominated the travel industry, will increasingly make way for Chinese, Indian, Russian and Brazilian tourists and business travellers. The growing middle classes of these emerging BRIC economies will lead the way in ‘mass globe-trotting’ from those countries.


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