Kulula gets the attention with ‘Flying 101’ aircraft livery

Image courtesy flickr user shanair

South African low-fare airline kulula.com has come up with a funny livery design. One of their Boeing 737-800 is called ‘Flying 101’ and the design covers the planes exterior in a tongue-in-cheek aircraft guide to the various parts of the planes interior, such as the ‘throne zone’ where the exit seats are located. Kulula says the ‘Flying 101’ branding idea is a result of its strategy to demystify air travel for its passengers.

Although, the ‘Flying 101’ aircraft will land in Johannesburg 2 more weeks from now (on 8th February 2010), it has already been a worldwide hit on the Internet after being seen by plane spotters enroute to South Africa. The plane is part of a fleet expansion of eight Boeing 737-800s, each with a unique livery. The second Boeing is currently undergoing its transformation and will look like an oversized container box, with the words ‘this way up’ printed on its side. Some of kulula’s current aircraft liveries include the ‘cow’ plane, ‘camo’ plane and ‘the jetsetter’ plane.


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