Jetstar first airline to test iPad as in-flight entertainment device

Last week we reported on Bluebox Avionics, who has turned the iPad into an in-flight entertainment device. The first airline to test the ‘bluebox ai’ is Jetstar, the low-cost subsidiary of Qantas. The carrier has just announced it will offer iPads for rent on select domestic routes in a two-week trial later this month. 

Passengers can rent an iPad for AUD10 (USD8.50, EUR7.00) for the duration of their flight, and watch new release movies, tv programs, and music videos, play game, read eBooks, or listen to music. Jetstar is also looking to add its in-flight magazine to the tablets. Internet browsing will be disabled as Jetstar does not offer in-flight Wi-Fi. The carrier says it has bought several hundred iPad devices, and thirty units will be available on each test aircraft. 

Based on demand for the iPads as part of the trial, Jetstar will be looking to roll out the devices across its entire domestic and international network later in 2010. Says Jetstar marketing manager David May, “If the trial works, we want to put them on every aircraft because they’re so much slimmer and lighter than our existing units.” Jetstar passengers currently pay A$10 to rent a portable media player on board with limited entertainment options on short-haul flights, or A$15 for a full selection of entertainment on long-haul services. 

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