Sun Country Air employees wrap their cars in ads to provide airline with free ‘carvertising’


Minneapolis-based low-cost carrier Sun Country Airlines earlier this month (August 2010) launched a new ad campaign through which employees have volunteered to wrap their cars in ads for at least three months. More than 60 employees were selected to participate in the campaign, and there are even more names on a waiting list, the airline said. The ads call attention to specific travel destinations and feature cartoon-like drawings that correspond with each location. Although the ad-wrapped cars are planned to be on the road for the next three months, Sun Country Air says many employees have indicated that they will keep the ads even longer. 

According to Sun Country the employee car wrap campaign is not a matter of saving on advertising, but more so that it is a unique way to communicate its message which may be more effective than traditional ad mediums. “It catches people’s attention more so than billboards and radio. It’s a unique way to get our message out,” said Heidi Bausch, marketing manager at Sun Country. The airline’s employees do not receive any benefits from wrapping their cars with the ads.

Sun Country Airlines in August also made headlines when it introduced an all-you-can-travel pass, which offered buyers 37 days of unlimited air travel for USD499. From mid-June to mid-August the carrier also offered low-cost transatlantic flights from Minneapolis-St Paul to London Luton airport. Passengers on-board the nine-hour B737-800 flight had an hour-long refuelling stop in Gander, Newfoundland, during which passengers could deplane. 

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