Singapore Changi Airport lets travellers rate service on the spot

As part of its ‘Changi Experience’ program Singapore’s Changi Airport, one of the world’s most-awarded airports, is aiming for even higher service standards with the launch of several initiatives. New services include Care@Changi, which provides priority queue lanes at security checkpoints and taxi stands for expectant mothers, passengers with infants in arms and reduced mobility travellers, and iChangi, which making flight and airport information available via kiosks located around the terminals and a dedicated iPhone app.

The most eye-catching ‘customer-centric initiative’ the airport has launched, however, is an ‘instant-feedback system’, which is installed at selected check-in desks, immigration counters, retail stores, dining outlets and washrooms. Passengers can rate frontline service staff or the level of cleanliness on a five-point scale using interactive touchscreens. They can also indicate what they like or dislike. 

For example, Changi Airport’s cleaning-service partner would be able to fix a problem within 15 minutes of receiving feedback, which is transmitted via personal digital assistants carried by cleaning supervisors. They would then dispatch a cleaner to perform tasks such as mopping a wet floor or replenishing toilet paper. For DFS duty-free stores and two restaurants in the airport’s Terminal 3, ratings and feedback can tell managers which employees are their top performers.

Changi is currently piloting the new service initiatives and aims to roll them out fully by the end of 2011. The airport says the ‘customer centric program’ is meant to provide a sense of shared responsibility among the diverse airport workforce, and to incentivise staff to do their best for customers. In their own words: “[We] believe that enhancing the Changi Experience requires the commitment of all 28,000 airport staff from the more than 200 organisations operating at the airport.” Added Lee Seow Hiang, CEO of Changi Airport Group: “We are proud of the Changi Experience, but do not take it for granted. It is a continuing journey for all of us at Changi Airport.” 

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