Michellin-starred chef presents his gourmet creations on board an Air France flight

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By Debbie Pappyn, Classe Touriste

There is nothing new about celeb chefs inventing special dishes for airlines but recently Air France took it a step further by inviting a chef on board to present in person his new creations. In the past, Estionian Air already took famous Estonian chefs on board to enhance the culinary experience of its customers, now Air France is following.

Recently, Michelin-starred French chef Michel Roth unveiled his new gourmet creations to Air France Business class customers on board a Paris-Montreal flight. During this flight, passengers were able to taste four dishes prepared by the Michelin-starred chef and two Servair chefs Michel Quissac and Roger Passet. The three chefs then replied to passengers’ questions and shared their passion with a view to making this in-flight gourmet experience an exceptional interlude (video here).

The in-flight menu in more detail:
– Veal simmered with verbena, vegetable fricassee
– Glazed duckling with peppercorns, citrus honey, caramelized mango and pineapple, vegetable bâtonnets
– Pollock fish, mussel broth with Menton cured lemon zest, simmered vegetables
– Shrimp and squid with tarragon lobster sauce, red rice and baby spinach

Starting from 1st February 2013, Michel Roth will offer six new dishes on board long-haul flights departing from Paris. The chef’s new dishes will be served for a period of 8 months and will be one of the four main dishes on the menu. Also the creation will be renewed twice a month for the pleasure of frequent travellers.


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