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Airlines in Brazil open ‘mini stores’ at subway stations to engage emerging middle class

Brazil’s airlines have been developing innovative strategies as they compete to win over the new Brazilian middle class, many of whom are entirely new to air travel. TAM and low-cost carrier GOL are targeting this segment with novel sales channels, such as mini travel stores at busy subway and bus stations. Read article

TAM takes an innovative approach to attract Brazil’s emerging middle class

TAM has taken a series of innovative measures to attract the rapidly growing middle class in Brazil, many of whom yet have to make their first flight. The airline sells tickets via low-end retail chain Casas Bahia, lets customers pay in multiple installments, and provides advice to first-time flyers. Read article

Low-cost carrier Volaris offers free tickets to Mexicans who have never flown before

To demonstrate that air travel is no longer out of reach for Mexico's emerging middle class, low-cost airline Volaris last year offered a free flight to Mexicans with a passion for flying but who had never taken a flight before. Read article

Innovative Airlines 2012: #5 TAM

Currently in the process of merging with LAN from Chile to create the world’s eight largest airline group, fast-growing Brazilian airline TAM is about to make its mark internationally with completely redesigned cabin interiors. At the same time, the airline looks to consolidate its strong domestic position by targetting Brazil’s emerging middle class in innovative ways. Read article

Azul takes Jetblue’s ‘no-frills chic’ approach to gain a foothold in Brazil

Air travel in Brazil is booming, thanks to rapid growth of the country's middle class. By charging low fares and offering extra amenities for free, ‘no-frills chic’ airline Azul has captured nearly 10 percent of Brazil’s domestic aviation market in less than 3 years. Read article

Kenya Airways lets the ‘unbanked’ pay for their ticket via sms

In Kenya, an estimated 30 percent of people have no access to financial services. To reach this segment, Kenya Airways lets those without a bank account (the so-called ‘unbanked’) purchase air tickets via sms money transfer services such as M-PESA. Read article