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Turkish Airlines asks passengers for instant feedback at check-in counter

In order to be able to conduct improvement activities in those areas deemed inadequate by its passengers, Turkish Airlines has placed survey devices at staffed desk at its İstanbul hub which allows the carrier to measure passenger feedback in real-time. Read article

SriLankan captures real-time passenger feedback data throughout the journey

As part of a trend that sees airlines and airports welcome real-time feedback from passengers via digital channels other than social media, SriLankan Airlines has launched a comprehensive customer satisfaction platform which captures instant feedback from passengers throughout their journey. Read article

Airlines encourage passengers to provide service feedback via apps and cards

Social media has provided passengers with a powerful platform to voice their opinion on the experience they have with airlines. Besides (pro-actively) getting in touch with passengers via Twitter or Facebook, several airlines have also started to encourage passengers to provide instant feedback via mobile apps and paper cards. Read article

KLM ‘Feedback App’ lets passengers rate their level of satisfaction at the airport

KLM has launched a new mobile app that allows the airline’s passengers to give real-time feedback on how they perceived their experience at the airport. KLM ground staff has been equipped with iPads that enables them to monitor the feedback in real-time, so they can react on passenger feedback if needed. Read article

Finnair lends iPads to passengers for free, apps include customer feedback tool

As part of its Rethink Quality initiative, Finnair offers passengers free use of iPads in its Helsinki lounge and onboard select flights. In addition to entertaining content, the iPads contain an application developed by Finnair that gathers customer feedback on a series of new product ideas. Read article

Singapore Changi Airport lets travellers rate service on the spot

Singapore’s Changi Airport has installed an instant feedback system that lets airport users rate service on the spot. The airport uses the real-time feedback to address issues immediately and to reward employees for good service. Read article

Best airline product and service innovations of 2013

Our selection of the top 10 product and service innovations launched by airlines in the past year shows how airlines can come up with creative solutions based on the interplay between technological, social and economical changes, with the aim to improve the passenger experience, increase revenues and/or lower costs. Read article

Emirates crew use smartphones to take Business Class passengers’ F&B orders

Emirates has issued so-called ‘Meal Ordering Devices’ to all flight attendants who work in Business Class to speed up service. Passengers’ drink and meal orders are taken on the connected handheld device so they can be prepared immediately as they appear on a tablet in the galley. Read article

Emirates provides 1,000 pursers with HP tablets as part of ‘knowledge-driven’ in-flight service drive

Emirates has launched a new version of its ‘Knowledge-driven Inflight Service’, providing its pursers with HP Elitepad tablets in order to enable them to provide a more personal service, match cabin crew language skills with passenger seating, and let passengers upgrade seats onboard. Read article