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Airlinetrends.com is an independent industry and consumer trends research agency. We are continuously monitoring the global aviation industry for commercial innovations launched by airlines in response to industry trends and changing consumer behavior. Our corporate clients and newsletter subscribers are marketers, product developers, managers, researchers, suppliers, and anyone else who wants to stay on top of the latest developments in the airline industry. Please see our services page how we can help you improve or develop new products and services.

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Raymond KollauRaymond Kollau (42), founder of airlinetrends.com, has extensive experience in analyzing industry and consumer trends. For the past 8 years, Raymond has been part of leading consumer trends agency trendwatching.com as a Consumer Trends Analyst, a position he still holds part-time today. Combining his travel industry expertise and his experience in consumer trends research, Raymond founded airlinetrends.com to bring inspiration and innovation to aviation professionals. Needless to say Raymond spends his fair share of time at airports and at 30,000 ft. See this article for an interview with Raymond.

Raymond holds a Master degree in Business from the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands and also studied International Relations at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea. His professional background also includes positions as Industry Analyst at PricewaterhouseCoopers Management Consultants (now part of IBM), and Internet Strategist at agency.com. In these roles, Raymond worked with many clients in the travel industry. Raymond can be contacted directly at
raymond [at] airlinetrends [dot] com

Vivek Mayasandra is an airline enthusiast and industry professional with experience in marketing, branding and operations. A graduate of Michigan State University’s Broad College of Business, he’s worked in supplier management at Boeing for 3 years and has also done marketing consulting for small businesses. In addition to his writing at airlinetrends.com, Vivek created the Take Flight Project to bring together stories of inspiring people who’ve taken flights to change their world.

Brian Pillsbury is a commercial aviation enthusiast and a veteran business traveler based in Los Angeles. Brian holds a BA in Political Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and his contributions for airlinetrends.com focus on trends and innovations at airports around the world, as well as airlines from North America.

Nikos Loukas founded the website inflightfeed.com which highlights pre order and buy on board meals across 80 airlines worldwide. He has worked in the aviation industry for 8 years in various roles including management, training and inflight procurement. Today he works with airlines and inflight caterers across Europe training cabin crew and launching new inflight menu projects. Nikos also writes for the APEX blog in relation to inflight service and his blog posts are featured on The Daily Meal.

Harley Peddie developed the current airlinetrends.com website. Since graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand, Harley has worked as an independent designer in multidisciplinary creative teams in New Zealand, London, Amsterdam, and most recently Chicago, on projects for Mastercard UK, Cadburys, Reebok, Adidas, Elly, Chevy, trendwatching.com and airlinetrends.com.

Board of advisors. airlinetrends.com greatly benefits from the advice of Reinier Evers, founder trendwatching.com, Liesbeth den Toom, independent writer and trend analyst, and Stan Vermeulen, innovation director Generous Minds.

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