Kids drawings make their way to onboard amenities, aircraft liveries and boarding passes

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There are few things that put a smile on people’s faces like kids creating imaginative drawings and proudly showing the result of their hard work. Moving beyond the regular (read: slightly boring) children drawing competitions, airlines such as Aeroflot, Korean Air and Jetstar Asia have opted to actually feature the creative results from these competitions on their inflight materials, aircraft liveries and boarding passes, which adds a sympathetic touch and a nice story to their brand.

Inflight event (Aeroflot)
To strike a chord with passengers, Aeroflot celebrated International Children’s Day in a creative way. On June 1st, young passengers flying with Aeroflot on that day took part in a painting exhibit onboard more than 20 long-haul flights.

The kids were given some time to create their drawings using a colouring set from the amenity kits for children. Other passengers were also involved in the action: As the kids were trying hard to make a nice drawings, parents were ready to help, while others were watching the process, eager to see the results.

Having finished their drawings, the little artists then proudly presented their masterpieces to the whole aircraft walking up and down the aisles and were rewarded with passengers admiration and a gift from Aeroflot – a funny inflatable plane.

“For kids it was a good chance to express their impressions of the journey with Aeroflot and for us to let them feel our care and love. The festive atmosphere made the flight unforgettable. It was a truly touching moment to see the kids being the heroes of the day!” reads an Aeroflot statement.

During the first half of June, Aeroflot also organized a ‘Colors of the Earth and Sky’ painting contest on social media. Out of 400 entries, 20 winners were chosen who were awarded with a visit to Aeroflot’s main office in the center of Moscow and their paintings could be used in the design of future amenity kits and other services for young passengers on board.

Aircraft livery (Korean Air)
Another sympathetic initiative is Korean Air’s ‘Draw Your Own Plane’ contest, which has been held several times by the airline. One campaign asked kids in elementary schools across South Korea to make a drawing inspired by South Korea’s heritage, while another event saw kids busy painting at one of Korean Air’s aircraft hangars (images here). The winning creations, chosen out of hundreds of drawings, were featured on the liveries of a Korean Air B747-400 and a B737-800. Read full article

Aeroflot teams up with nutrition experts to develop in-flight ‘sports menu’ for the 2012 London Olympics

By Raymond Kollau,

Airlines around the world have been getting creative in order to highlight their link with the recently held 2012 London Olympic Games in ways that went beyond the traditional, static, means of advertising. South African Airways, for example, has held a public competition that challenged South African youth to design “an iconic visual which captures the spirit of South Africa.” The winning design was then painted on an A340 aircraft that flew the South Afrian Olympic team to London.

Olympic ‘home carrier’ British Airways, meanwhile, organized a ’Great Britons’ co-creation contest that saw top British talent develop an inflight menu inspired by the 1948 London Olympics, an aircraft livery that creates an illusion of a dove, and a short-film that was shown onboard BA flights and at the pre-opening of the Games. BA also launched an airline themed pop-up venue – called ‘Flight BA2012’ – in the run up to the Games.

Olympic sports menu
Russian flag carrier Aeroflot has come up with another innovative way to offer passengers an ‘Olympic experience’ onboard. As the official carrier of the Russian National Olympic Team, the airline has teamed up with nutrition experts from the Russian Olympic Committee to develop a a special ‘Olympic sports’ menu that is served onboard Aeroflot flights from Moscow to London in August.

Says Aeroflot CEO Vitaly Saveliev, “Transportation of the National Olympic team is our honourable duty to our country. We contribute to the higher achievements of our athletes by having nutrition experts from the Russian Olympic Committee produce a special sports inflight menu.”

According to the input from the Russian Olympic nutrition experts, the basis of the sports menu had to consist of “protein-rich, lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs and dairy, to be either stewed or boiled, and served with fresh vegetables and fruit.” Fried dishes and sweets were off limits as they are “full of fats and carbohydrates.”
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