More free sponsored inflight Wi-Fi in the United States

During the 2009 U.S holiday season several brands teamed up with airlines to provide passengers with free Gogo inflight Wi-Fi, ranging from one week to two months. On a similar note, two new Wi-Fi sponsorships have just been announced.

American Express is sponsoring free Gogo Internet on all 136 AirTran aircraft from March 13 through March 27. With the free Wi-Fi offer both companies are promoting their new ‘Open Savings’ partnership, which gives passengers that book an AirTran flight with an American Express business credit card a 5 percent discount. Gogo has posted a nice video which shows how passengers are reacting to the campaign.
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Is free sponsored Wi-Fi the shape of things to come?

Inflight Wi-Fi seriously took off in the past year in the U.S, with about 600 domestic aircraft currently equipped with inflight broadband (for the majority provided by Aircell’s GoGo). To make the flying public familiar with the new service, GoGo and U.S. carriers have been handing out complimentary promotional codes, so passengers can try the service first for free. AirTran gives passengers that buy one inflight Wi-Fi session their second session for free. And GoGo and Delta offered free Wi-Fi on National Breast Cancer Day (October 31), donating USD1 for each free session that day to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 

While these one-off offers might get some passengers interested to pay between USD6 and USD13 to stay connected in the air, airlines and advertisers are teaming up to offer inflight Internet for free. Part of a trend, dubbed ‘Free Love’ by, brands pick up the tab to offer passengers free inflight Wi-Fi. Everyone wins: travelers get free access, brands are able to reach an audience in a new way and airlines are able to build awareness about the Wi-Fi service via a new channel. Read full article