Bangkok Airways

Thai airlines open take-away deli’s in downtown Bangkok

Bangkok Air Catering, a unit of regional airline Bangkok Airways prepares inflight meals for more than 20 airlines, including Emirates and Qatar Airways, on flights out of Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport. In an entrepreneurial move, the company recently launched a new chain of delicatessen stores called Gourmet House, creating a new outlet for its meals. The first Gourmet House deli was opened in downtown Bangkok (Sukhumvit Soi) in mid-December 2010 and follows the airline’s earlier debut of catering services for private embassy and expat community parties.

Gourmet House’s selection of soups, meats, canapés and baked goods are prepared at Bangkok Air Catering’s unit near Suvarnabhumi Airport and trucked into the establishment daily. At the outlet, chefs apply some finishing touches, and a fresh meal is ready for sit down or take-out. Gourmet House emphasises takeaway purchases, but the 130m2 deli can also seat about 30 people. Gourmet House says it wants to establish itself as one of Bangkok’s top places to score gourmet food, using local products whenever possible, many of which are cultivated on the company’s farms at Sukhothai.

Reputable brand
According to Linus Knobel, managing director of Bangkok Air Catering, the Gourmet House franchise will help the company to make better use of capacity and resources at its airport catering facility, which currently produces 17,500 inflight meals per day against a full capacity of 25,000 meals. Bangkok Air Catering‘s 180 chefs have expertise in a wide range of international cuisines, and their skills can also be tapped for other distribution outlets, said Mr Knobel, adding that “taste, quality and hygiene are of the strictest standards for Bangkok Air Catering’s inflight meals, and these have found their way to Gourmet House as major selling points.” […] “It is the office workers and their bosses, the students and teachers, and the expats and their wives who yearn for a taste of New York or Milan, that we are catering to.” Read full article