Horizon Air

Advertiser sponsors free snack box for Horizon Air passengers

With advertising budgets under pressure and traditional mass advertising losing its effectiveness, advertisers are looking for new ways to reach consumers. At the same time many airlines have begun charging for services that used to be included in the price of the ticket. One solution for airlines that want to cut cost, but maintain their service level, is to team up with advertisers to offer amenities such as inflight Wi-Fi or Starbucks coffee for free. 

The latest initiative comes from Air Advertainment, a marketing company that sells snack boxes to advertisers and gives them to airlines to distribute to passengers for free. Air Advertainment’s first campaign was launched on May 24th on Horizon Air flights between Seattle and Portland. The branded snack box contains a bag of pretzels, chips and a chocolate, and is sponsored by Creative Labs. The electronics company is using the new ‘snackvertising’ medium to promote a Facebook contest to name its new HD video camera. Flight attendants alert passengers on board that their meals are complimentary of Creative Labs, and 25,000 boxes will be distributed during 20 days on the route. Read full article