Iberia teams up with pizza delivery chain to collect unused books for charity

Spanish national carrier Iberia, pizza chain Telepizza and open innovation network Ideas4All in January 2012 launched a ‘Books for Colombia’ campaign with the aim of bringing some 70,000 textbooks and reading books to underprivileged Colombian children and teenagers. The campaign, which kicked off on January 10 and ended on February 10, 2012, called on customers of Telepizza to contribute books they no longer need but that are in good condition.

‘Books for Colombia’ arose from a suggestion made by a Telepizza employee to the Ideas4All website, noting that the boxes on the motorbikes used to deliver pizzas to homes might be used for something worthwhile on the return journey. Telepizza is a Spanish pizza chain that operates more than 600 stores in Spain and over 400 outlets in countries such as Portugal, Chile and Colombia.

Customers could donate books that they no longer use to the Telepizza delivery person, after they have ordered a home delivery. Alternatively, they could donate them directly in any of the Telepizza outlets participating in the campaign. The collected books will be flown to Colombia by Iberia in March, where they will be classified and distributed to 120 libraries and schools in Colombian rural and inner cities by local NGO Buena Nota. Says Manuel López Aguilar, Iberia’s Manager of Sales and Customers, “We loved this idea from the start, since it involves two of Iberia’s hallmarks: as a bridge to Latin America, and as a proactive promoter of culture and human progress.”
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