– airBaltic (Riga)
– Formia Roundtable (Hamburg/Cannes)
– TAM Linhas Aéreas (São Paulo)
– KLM Inflight Services (Amsterdam)
– KLM Product Strategy (Amsterdam)
– Skyteam Alliance (Amsterdam)
– Zodiac Aircatering (Alkmaar)
– Airbus Business Academy (Toulouse)
– AFKL CRM & Interactions (Amsterdam)
– Marfo Food (Amsterdam)
– AFKL Inflight Innovation (Paris)

Helping airlines optimize their investment in the passenger experience

Fierce competition, rapid evolution of technology and shorter product life cycles are forcing airlines to take a 360º view of the passenger experience in order to differentiate themselves, whether they are a full-service, hybrid or low-cost carrier.

AirlineTrends has partnered with Tokyo-based LIFT Strategic Design to develop the PAXEX360 workshop which provides participants with:

  • a better insight into consumer/passenger trends and needs
  • a quick way to understand both the big picture AND the small details
  • an effective platform for identifying key strategic objectives and priorities in further developing the passenger experience.
  • a concise tool to ideate and co-create innovative and relevant products and services.

Combining AirlineTrends’ expertise in passenger experience research with LIFT Strategic Design’s expertise in concept development and implementation, the PAXEX360 workshop consists of two elements:

A. Presentation of the latest trends and innovations
Who is doing what, where, when and why?
This session familiarizes airline management with passenger experience trends throughout the world in every phase of the customer journey – from technology to marketing, and from design to service delivery – and is illustrated with many recent innovations from airlines around the world.

B. In-depth interactive discussion
Where do we go from here?
Faciltated by AirlineTrends and LIFT Strategic Design, key representatives from your company explore customer experience development in the context of the trends discussed, identifying target areas for future action.

Potential topics of discussion include brand strategy and positioning, product and service prioritization, development, design and implementation, and internal organization.

C. Ideation and concept development
How do we make our priorities concise?
In this hands-on part of the workshop participants will co-create innovative ideas and concepts that tap into the trends presented and priorities discussed.

AirlineTrends and LIFT will use facilitation techniques such as brainwriting, visualization, pitching and voting to generate concise results.

Should you be looking for a PAXEX360 workshop that focuses on a specific area, we also provide dedicated ‘Digital Innovation’ and ‘Cabin Vision Development’ sessions.

The workshop is developed for (senior) management who plays a key role in defining, approving, funding and implementing investments in the passenger experience. The workshop format aims to maximize limited time and human resources, especially since creating meaningful differentation requires many components, planned and implemented by different departments at different times, and with many external partners.

AirlineTrends and LIFT Strategic Design help airlines respond faster to changing customer preferences in order to achieve greater loyalty and higher yield through clearer, more meaningful differentiation.

Contact either Raymond or Daniel to plan your workshop. We look forward to hearing from you.

Raymond Kollau
+31 (0) 6 41 86 11 36 (Amsterdam)

Daniel Baron
LIFT Strategic Design
+81 90 5408 2209