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The Future Of Air Travel

Raymond Kollau, founder of, thinks business class will just keep getting better. “It will become something in between business and first class,” he says. Read article

Premium Air Travel Arms Race Intensifies As Airlines Battle For Front-End Loyalty

“The airlines in the Gulf are really stepping up, and airlines in the US and Western Europe are investing lots in hardware – cabin interiors and seats,” explained Raymond Kollau, Founder of Read article

Airlines Expand In-Flight TV and Movies To Connected Travelers

“Major airlines are still making significant investments in fixed IFE systems and backseat screens on wide-body aircraft,” said Raymond Kollau of Read article

Piling On The Luxury

Airlines may have started to reach the limits to innovations with seats and cabin space, said Raymond Kollau, founder of So airlines are increasingly turning their attention to customer service to complement investments in hardware. Read article

Etihad Airways Adds A Three-Room Suite With Butler Service

"These suites are a step beyond the First Class Suites offered by the likes of Emirates and Singapore Airlines on their flagship A380s. said founder Raymond Kollau. Read article

How Twitter, Facebook Are Helping Airlines Attend To Customers

Social media allows travellers in transit to get in touch with their airline in a much easier way," Raymond Kollau, founder of, said. Read article

Now Boarding Passengers On Air Twitter

“The airline industry is a front-runner in the adoption of social media,” said Raymond Kollau, founder of, “as it has provided customers with a magnified voice that can have a huge impact on an airline’s reputation.” Read article

Airlines orten ihre gläsernen Fluggäste

Luftfahrexperte Raymond Kollau, der das Branchenportal "" betreibt, sagt im Gespräch mit der "Welt": "Technisch stellt dies keine Verletzung der Fluggastrechte dar. Read article

Airlines Use Digital Technology To Get Even More Personal

It’s very high on the agenda of a lot of airlines, because technology is often a pretty low-cost way to improve service,” said Raymond Kollau, analyst and founder of Read article

Bumped From A Flight, App Helps Fliers Collect Airline Fees

"In terms of empowering consumers, the online platform lowers the barrier for passengers, in terms of costs and procedures, to submit a claim" said Raymond Kollau of Read article

In-Flight Social Gifting Makes Skies Friendlier

"Airlines are becoming much more entrepreneurial and innovative when it comes to securing additional revenues from passengers," said Raymond Kollau of Read article

Airport Personal Shoppers Help Goose Layover Spending

"Retail has become a major source of revenue for airports," said Raymond Kollau of "With the decline of sales via traditional retail stores at high streets and shopping malls, many consumer and luxury brands are looking to open stores at airports." Read article

Airlines Test New Ways To Board Planes

Some airlines will allow passengers to jump ahead in the boarding line for a fee. Others, like Spirit Airlines, "charge a heavy fee for carry-on luggage," said Raymond Kollau of Read article

Hello Kitty Says Hello To US: Airline’s Themed Jet Arrives At LAX

“You either love it or hate it,” said Raymond Kollau of, “but EVA Air has tapped into this cultural phenomenon in a clever way in order to get noticed.” Read article

In-Flight Innovations: ‘Glass Bottom Jets,’ Gesture Control

Passengers can use the second screen to check the location of the aircraft, the weather at their destination or even order food and beverages from the device while they watch movies or TV series on the main screen," said Raymond Kollau of Read article

‘Scoot In Silence’: Singapore Air Budget Carrier Offers Kid-Free Zone

“These quiet zones are part of a wider trend that sees airlines providing passengers more choice and control of the onboard experience” says Raymond Kollau of Read article

The Future Of Luxury

Raymond Kollau, founder of, notes that, along with space, sleep and silence are two of the most significant luxuries you can enjoy when flying. Read article

Airlines Look For New Fees To Boost Revenues

Raymond Kollau, founder of Amsterdam-based, believes airlines know they have critical data on passengers, but the key is figuring out how to monetize that information. Read article

Eight Ways Airlines Are Using Social Media To Humanize Marketing

Airlines are working hard to leverage social media in an effort to humanize their marketing efforts and connect with the everyday customers. The State of Airline Marketing report, produced by and Simpliflying, examines eight effective initiatives airlines are undertaking. Read article

Branded Amenities Are The New, New Thing In In-Flight Luxury

Research agency discussed onboard hospitality trends at the 2013 AIX Passenger Experience Expo in Hamburg, Germany earlier this month. Read article