AirlineTrends in the press

New Mélange cafe offers fresh-baked treats at Newark Airport

“An airport bakery ties in to the major trend of consumers looking for honest products and services in an authentic environment,” said Raymond Kollau of AirlineTrends. Read article

In-flight exercise: Your next flight abroad could include a gym

“Spring Airlines has instructed its flight attendants to encourage passengers to perform in-flight exercises,” said Raymond Kollau of AirlineTrends. "And many passengers actually join in." Read article

Economy class squeeze: Why Cathay Pacific needs to trade in passenger comfort for profits

AirlineTrends’ Raymond Kollau believes Cathay could retain its premium image in economy, and praised the airline for its unique six-way headrest on the Airbus A350 aircraft. Read article

Cathay Pacific rethinks in-flight meals with on-demand catering trial

With new app technologies giving consumers what they want when they want, AirlineTrends’ Raymond Kollau said frequent fliers had been emboldened to demand the same level of service in the air. Read article

Now Showing: Movies at the Airport

“Besides airport gardens, parks, gyms, yoga rooms, a cinema — especially one that screens local movies — is a nice way to kill time,” said Raymond Kollau, founder of AirlineTrends. Read article

Coming Innovations That Will Make Flying Economy (Mostly) Better

“I don’t envision any grand, over the top cabin and seating designs,” says Raymond Kollau, founder of research and innovation agency AirlineTrends. Read article

Why You Should Meditate on a Plane (and How to Do It)

“Airlines (finally) are becoming more sophisticated when it comes to catering to a passenger’s emotional needs, moving beyond functional elements,” says Raymond Kollau, founder of airline innovation agency AirlineTrends. Read article

You May Stop Getting Sick On Flights

“Seats made for sleep may be a given in first class, but airlines like Etihad and Cathay Pacific have spruced up economy seating on long-haul routes, putting your shuteye first,” says Raymond Kollau, founder of the airline innovation agency AirlineTrends. Read article

Chinese airport launches pink-coloured, female-only security checkpoints

Several airports in China, including in Shanghai, Chengdu and Tianjin, are said to also offer male-only security lanes, to help reduce the security checking times for men, reports. Read article

Three design trends redefining how we travel

Raymond Kollau of Airline Trends says: “Airlines are busy developing their vision on digital disruption and transformation, while improving their digital and datamining skills." Read article

Airline Apps That Fill the Gaps

In his presentation at this year’s Passenger Experience Conference, founder, Raymond Kollau highlighted how airline apps are improving the passenger experience. Read article

A short history of the much-maligned jet bridge

“Like the security checkpoint, the walk down the jet bridge is a part of the airport experience you want to get through as fast as possible,” said Raymond Kollau, founder of Read article

Tech-Enabled Flight Attendants Upgrade Customer Service

“About two dozen airlines around the world have have equipped cabin crew with smartphones, tablets and phablets,” says Raymond Kollau of Read article

Star Wars takes flight with Emirates airline

“Being able to watch a recent Hollywood movie on long-haul flights is still very high on passengers’ wish lists,” says Raymond Kollau of Read article

Airport Amenities To Make Gate-Huggers Happy

“These are examples of how creative departure gate amenities “can become a part of the travel experience in its own right,” said Raymond Kollau of Read article

The airport spiking food with ‘happy hormones’

"Promoting nutrition for travelers makes sense and can take-off across the industry," says Raymond Kollau, founder of Read article

Flying, The Turkish Way

According to’s Raymond Kollau, the airline's 'Widen Your World' slogan was "the second phase of its brand build-up which is about becoming more of a lifestyle brand." Read article

Could a new carry-on luggage ‘valet’ service end the fight for overhead storage space on flights?

Raymond Kollau, founder of Amsterdam-based trends research agency, said: “This is another example of how airlines are looking for creative solutions to this issue, as no magic solution has been found yet. Read article

Now Boarding: Delta Experiments With Pre-Loading Carry-ons

Raymond Kollau of said some passengers may be hesitant to hand over their hand luggage "because it contains valuable belongings which they may not want to leave unattended." Read article

4 ways the aviation industry hopes to distract you from cabin crush

What products did suppliers unveil Aircraft Interiors Expo held in Hamburg, Germany to help us forget about our crushed knees? Here's a look at enhancements you might be seeing on a future flight. Read article