Virgin Atlantic links up passengers to share a taxi


Virgin Atlantic has launched a new service, called taxi² that helps passengers find other travellers to share taxi rides into city centres across the world. The airline says the reason for launching the service is that “we think it’s crazy that people often wait in line and then get one taxi each. Most people go from the airport in a similar direction, so it’s a great waste.” 

How it works: Passengers log onto the service and enter their flight and destination details and the website will match them with a suitable travelling companion. They are then sent the details of the matched traveller and can decide whether to agree to the match and make arrangements of where to meet upon their flight arrival. Passengers can also print off a taxi²  sign from the website so they can locate each other at the airport. The system also matches female travelers who only want female travelling companions. The program is not limited to Virgin Atlantic customers and passengers on other airlines can share rides as well.

Currently the service is in Beta and only available for flights between New York-JFK and London-LHR. A mobile version is coming soon. 

The taxi² initiative is one of the first initiatives to result out of Virgin Atlantic’s VJAM program, which is focused on co-innovation with Virgin Atlantic customers with the goal to make travel more social. The co-innovator of taxi² is Ed Maklouf who runs a technology startup called ‘Siine’. Virgin Atlantic says it will release other VJAM initiatives over the following months.


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