Virgin Atlantic asks its Facebook fans for feedback on inflight Internet


Lufthansa recently announced that it will reintroduce its ‘FlyNet’ broadband Internet on long-haul flights. Emirates also revealed it is studying the business case for Ku-based broadband Internet. Currently, the airline offers AeroMobile’s basic cellphone connectivity on about 60 aircraft. Virgin Atlantic is possibly the next long-haul airline to offer inflight Internet. The airline will renew its fleet between 2011 and 2013 with the arrival of several A330, A340 and B787 aircraft, and is currently working on the introduction of new products and services.

In what is a first for the airline, Virgin Atlantic used social network site Facebook to get feedback on what they would like to see in terms of inflight connectivity on the new aircraft. Last week, it asked its 21,000+ Facebook fans a few questions about their connectivity desires. Facebook users could respond to questions like “What are your wireless Inflight Entertainment expectations for Virgin Atlantic?”, and “How would you prefer to pay for the usage of Internet onboard?”.

Over 500 Facebook users have taken part in the discussions on Facebook. In response, Virgin Atlantic posted a thank you video from Chris Birch, the airline’s head of Products & Services on YouTube to let people know what will happen next and to offer a small present to those who participated.


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