Smart tray table cover designs help keep kids busy inflight

A new range of smartly designed products is helping to ease air travel easier for parents traveling with kids. Dubbed ‘inflight entertainment for kids’, these sleeve-style play centers can be slided over any airplane seat tray table, turning it into an activity center, so infants can be kept busy when in flight. 

For toddlers aged 6 to 24 months, the Air Play is a double-sided tray table cover activity center that is designed to fit over most airplane tray tables. It has different features on each side so that a child can play whether the tray table is down or stowed in its upright and locked position. The brightly colored tray cover’s activities include a crinkle strip, repositionable geometric shapes, different color ball beads,  an oversized buckle, button and zipper, as well as a peek-a-boo mirror; a photo album, and a mesh pocket that contains a soft dog character rattle toy. The Air Play Tray Table Cover retails for USD29.99 (EUR22.50/GBP20) and is available through online retailers such as and Babies R Us.

Designed for kids aged 3 to 8 years, the Kids TRAYblecloth turns a tray table into an entertainment center as well as providing a clean space to eat, work and play. It’s made of durable and easy to wash nylon and there are front pockets to store personal items like toys, snacks, books, and markers while in flight. The writing surface has a clear, erasable game window surface, where reusable game sheets can be inserted, turning the tray into a game board or whiteboard for kids. Colored dry erase markers are included and the printable game sheets can be downloaded for free from the website. All pockets are accessible whether the tray table is up or down. It packs down to a small size in a reclosable plastic bag, and costs USD20 (EUR15/GBP13.50).

Just like Asiana does with its ‘Happy Mom’ service, there are still plenty of opportunities for airlines to improve the inflight experience for parents traveling with young children (and, equally important, that of passengers sitting nearby). Our recommendation to airlines: why not store a few of these tray table activity centers on board, or even better, team up with suppliers of these products to let passengers try (and buy) them on board.


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