Edmonton Airport offers one-stop parking and remote check-in at off-airport facility

In a bid to counter the increasing popularity of independent off-airport parking services like Park ‘n Fly, Edmonton International Airport in western Canada has opened an enhanced off-site parking facility, located about 1.5 kilometres from the airport terminal. Called jetSet Parking, the new 3,300-stall carpark offers self- and valet parking, airline check-in kiosks and a baggage drop-off service for Westjet passengers, and is significantly cheaper than the airport’s parking facilities located in front of the terminal. 

Customers can use two levels of service, youPark and wePark. The fully automated self-serve youPark long-term lot lets travelers pull in, take a ticket, park and make their way to one of three heated bus shelters. 24/7 shuttle buses ferry customers from the shelters to the terminal and back. Under the wePark option, customers drive to the main jetSet building, where a valet parks their vehicles. Inside the building customers find washrooms and free coffee and bottled water. Both the youPark shelters and the wePark office feature flight information displays, self-serve check-in kiosks that dispense airline boarding passes, and parking pay machines. Prices are CAD9.50 per day (47.50/week) for youPark and CAD13.50 per day (67.50/week) for wePark. By booking in advance online, customers can save up to 20 percent off.

Remote baggage check-in
Travelers flying on WestJet to domestic or international destinations (except the U.S.) can also check in and drop off their baggage at the airline’s counters in the jetSet building. Passengers can then take a shuttle to the terminal and proceed directly to security. The bags are stored in a secure room until they are delivered to their flights. Says Brett Bain, Edmonton Airport’s manager of parking and ground transportation, “The most stressful part for most people is getting to the airport, getting parked and getting the luggage in. This reduces all that stress down to zero.” 

YouPark users who fly Westjet can also make use of 15 minute dedicated parking stalls near the jetSet office to check in their bags before parking their vehicle themselves. In the U.S, a similar remote baggage check-in service is offered by BAGS at a number of airport parkings, such as Park ‘N Fly Atlanta Airport, Kiss N Fly at Chicago O’Hare, and the long term parking facility at San Francisco International. 

With the CAD23-million jetSet facility, Edmonton Airport is competing against nearby independent parking services such as Park ‘N Fly. Says Peter McCart, Edmonton Airport’s vice-president of marketing and business development, “The revenue that we earn from the parking operations here is just such an important part of the overall economic equation for an airport. If you’ve come through Edmonton airport over the last five years, there have been periods when we were very short on parking availability. What we saw was, as our parking lots were filling up, people were obviously looking for alternatives. That created a business off-site and now with the addition of this product and its capacity, our hope is to repatriate some of that lost business.”  

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