Lufthansa gives its virtual fans real discounts on A380 flights

In early May 2011, Lufthansa’s 7th A380 entered into daily service on the Frankfurt – San Francisco route. To promote its A380 destinations in the USA – New York, San Francisco and Miami (from 10 June 2011 on) – Lufthansa has launched a Facebook campaign in which it offers its virtual fans a real, tangible, reward.

Facebook members can book a virtual flight on a Lufthansa A380 flight from the USA to Frankfurt, and the more ‘likes’ their flight gets, the bigger the discount voucher. 

How it works: Participants must ‘like’ Lufthansa on Facebook, submit a ‘virtual flight’ by selecting an origin and destination from Lufthansa’s timetable, get their Facebook friends to ‘like’ their virtual flight within a 24 hour time period that begins upon the submission of the virtual flight. Participants who create a virtual flight but receive less then 10 ‘likes’ on Facebook automatically receive a USD25 discount voucher, with the amount rising to USD50 with 10 to 29 ‘likes’, USD75 with 30 to 59 ‘likes’, while those who get 60 friends to like their A380 flight, receive a USD100 discount voucher. A maximum of 15,000 discount vouchers will be awarded in each denomination and a purchase is required to use the discount voucher. 

The top two winners with the highest number of ‘likes’ who turn their virtual flight into an actual round trip ticket will also receive an one-way upgrade from Economy to Business Class. Furthermore, the 25 partipants with the next highest number of ‘likes’ will receive a Lufthansa lounge pass worth USD35. The Lufthansa ‘Thumbs Up’ campaign runs from May 4 until May 31 and discount vouchers are valid until May 31, 2011 for ticket purchase. All travel must be completed by November 3, 2011. 

Virtual media, real rewards
For Lufthansa, the ‘Thumbs Up’ campaign is a nice way to increase the number of ‘fans’ of the airline on Facebook as a first step to start the online conversation. What is also interesting in this initative is that Lufthansa is actually rewarding its Facebook fans that book a ticket with the airline to spread the word on Facebook.

Lufthansa earlier offered Foursquare users who virtually checked-in at three Lufthansa-approved venues at the annual Oktoberfest in Munich a special Oktoberfest badge, which entitled them to a EUR20 flight voucher good for a future Lufthansa flight. Nearly 2,500 badges were unlocked during this campaign.

Air New Zealand, meanwhile, rewarded Foursquare users who were the mayor of select airports and terminals served by the airline with free admission to its lounges when they would show their mayor status and boarding pass. 

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