Instant banner vending kiosk at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport lets family and friends give travellers a warm welcome

Many people will be familiar with the sight of families and friends lined up in the arrival hall, anxiously waiting to welcome their loved ones, and displaying home-made banners to add an extra dimension to the occasion. Always on the lookout for an innovative amenity to improve an already well-regarded airport experience, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport has just installed a self-service banner vending machine, called the BannerXpress. The instant banner (‘spandoeken’ in Dutch’) kiosk allows people who are meeting passengers at the airport to design and print their own personalised banners.

The BannerXpress machine, a world’s first, lets users create a personalised banner in a few steps. They start with choosing the size (40, 130 or 300 cm wide; the height is a standard 30 cm), and then select the background and theme. The last step is entering the text they wish to appear on the banner, and after paying with a debit or credit card, the banner is printed out on canvas. The price of a the banner ranges from EUR 3.95 (USD 5) to EUR 14.95 (USD 20).

Says Otto Ambagtsheer, Director Business Area Consumers at Schiphol Airport, “The banners by BannerXpress allow the airport to offer people who are coming to pick someone up with the chance to surprise them in a playful way. For now we only have this one dispenser in Arrival Hall 2, but we may add more at other locations if it proves popular.” According to the New York Times reports that in the first month of operation, the banner machine “has been churning out about 50 banners a day.”


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