Gatwick Express offers free music tailored to the trip to the airport

By Springwise

Music can be an excellent traveling companion, and we’ve already seen several efforts to suggest or even tailor music playlists for a particular trip. Now, a new selection of custom music from the UK’s Gatwick Express train service aims to give riders a musical description of their journey.

The Gatwick Express train travels nonstop between London’s Victoria Station and Gatwick Airport in what is roughly a 30-minute trip. Now, offered exclusively to customers who buy their tickets online, the free Gatwick Express Tracks include three custom-recorded musical interpretations of the journey from recording artists Philip Sheppard, Benga, and The Milk. This video illustrates the premise in further detail.

Free love almost always tends to be a winning strategy, and that’s particularly true when it can help consumers get more enjoyment out of your product or service. Transportation entrepreneurs the world over: time to commission something similar?


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