London Gatwick Airport to open ‘Regus Business Workboxes’ near departure gates

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By Raymond Kollau,

In the past few years, so-called ‘sleeping pods’ have made their debut ‘airside’ at several airports around the world, offering passengers in transit a cheap way to catch some sleep while waiting for their next flight. Sleep boxes (also known as Napcabs) can be found at airports including Munich, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Delhi.

On a related note, catering to tech-toting travellers who want to stay productive while on the road, Helsinki Airport has created what it calls ‘Suvanto’ private pods that provide passengers with a tranquil space to make their waiting time more comfortable and make it more convenient to work in between flights.

Regus ‘Business Workbox’
The latest ‘private pod’ initiative will be launched at London Gatwick Airport and is targeted at passengers travelling for business. Gatwick Airport has partnered with workspace provider Regus to open the world’s first mobile ‘workboxes’ at departures areas at the airport’s South Terminal. The first four workboxes will be installed this summer.

The Regus ‘Business Workbox’ is a four square meter fully self-contained, resourced and private space will give individuals a space in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the departure gates, to make last-minute phone calls or finish emails before boarding their flight. The box uses acoustic insulation to ensure that road warriors have quiet, and the space is equipped to allow videoconferencing and listening to music privately.

Users can input their credit card details into a keypad to gain access, which costs GBP5 per hour, or GBP10 per day. Membership schemes are also available. Video of the WorkBox here.

Phil Kemp, global managing director of Regus Third Place, said, “We expect the facilities to be popular with a range of business travellers from those wanting to make the most of their time before boarding a flight.” […] “Notions of ‘the office’ are changing rapidly and we increasingly need places to connect to work, wherever we are.

Additionally, a new drop-in business lounge and meeting room centre will open in Gatwick’s Terminal South arrivals area. The space will comprise an open plan area for co-working and private workstations known as ‘Thinkpods’ with built-in desks, as well as meeting rooms available by the hour.

Third places
According to Regus, the idea behind the new Workbox concept is to offer all the comforts of a real office in a small space. Although people already can conduct business in coffee shops and other ‘third places’ that have Wi-Fi, it is often not under the best of circumstances. “A lot of people, when they’re working, need access to printers or a quiet place,” Regus vice president Sande Golgart said. Most people would prefer “a nice quiet place, not a loud public place.”

Regus says the Workboxes will be popping up in high-traffic locations such as shopping malls, hotel lobbies, train stations and airports in the future, along with less private Business Corners. “This is going to be bigger than what we have today with office space,” Sande Golgart, a vice president for Regus, told the Puget Sound Business Journal.


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