AirlineTrends in the press

With Demand Rising, Airlines Add Flights to India

“The global economic center of gravity is shifting from the West to emerging Asian countries, which means more airlines are looking east before they look west,” said Raymond Kollau of AirlineTrends. Read article

How travel companies are becoming friendlier to the environment

“Many airports have installed water refill stations beyond security so passengers don't have to throw away their water bottle, but can empty it before passing security,” says Raymond Kollau. Read article

Airport lounges step up their game to serve millennials, solo travelers

“As millennials are used to having things their way, this poses a big challenge for airlines to become truly customer-centric,” says Raymond Kollau, Read article

Duty-Free Shopping Now Includes Virtual Makeovers

“It is about time more airport retailers start experimenting with virtual and augmented reality, says Raymond Kollau of Airline Trends.” Read article

6 Things Airlines Can Do With Their Companion Apps

“Multi-screening onboard is a natural reflection of the multitasking behavior of passengers on the ground, says Raymond Kollau, founder of Airline Trends. Read article

Could planes start installing bunk beds in economy?

"The industry has seen a lot of these kinds of ultra-high density seating concepts over the past years, ranging from saddle-like seating to bubble-shaped pods stacked on top of each other," Raymond Kollau of AirlineTrends said. Read article

What today’s airlines can learn from the ‘golden age’ of flying

“Equipping crew members with digital devices gives them access to information that allows them to address passengers in a relevant way,” said Raymond Kollau of AirlineTrends. Read article

From mattresses to dining on demand, Cathay Pacific joins airline race to up business-class perks

Raymond Kollau of AirlineTrends said the “next frontier” for business class was enabling customers to create a more personalised environment around them. Read article

Airlines fight to create brand stickiness among customers

“Overall, airlines are getting savvier in order to maximise revenue per passenger instead of just selling a seat,” remarked Raymond Kollau, founder of Amsterdam-based research agency AirlineTrends. Read article

Las aerolíneas pasan del ‘apaguen los móviles’ a ‘paguen con los móviles’

Raymond Kollau, fundador de AirlineTrends, cree que las plataformas de entretenimiento a bordo, el wifi y el mayor número de pasajeros y tripulantes con dispositivos digitales a mano ofrecen a las líneas aéreas “mucho control más allá del simple entretenimiento y generar ingresos auxiliares en el avión.” Read article

Airlines reap $28 billion from selling travel ‘extras’ to flyers

"Airlines increasingly see themselves as retailers that up-sell and cross-sell as their focus shifts from optimizing the revenue per seat to maximizing revenues per passenger," says Raymond Kollau from AirlineTrends. Read article

New Mélange cafe offers fresh-baked treats at Newark Airport

“An airport bakery ties in to the major trend of consumers looking for honest products and services in an authentic environment,” said Raymond Kollau of AirlineTrends. Read article

In-flight exercise: Your next flight abroad could include a gym

“Spring Airlines has instructed its flight attendants to encourage passengers to perform in-flight exercises,” said Raymond Kollau of AirlineTrends. "And many passengers actually join in." Read article

Economy class squeeze: Why Cathay Pacific needs to trade in passenger comfort for profits

AirlineTrends’ Raymond Kollau believes Cathay could retain its premium image in economy, and praised the airline for its unique six-way headrest on the Airbus A350 aircraft. Read article

Cathay Pacific rethinks in-flight meals with on-demand catering trial

With new app technologies giving consumers what they want when they want, AirlineTrends’ Raymond Kollau said frequent fliers had been emboldened to demand the same level of service in the air. Read article

Now Showing: Movies at the Airport

“Besides airport gardens, parks, gyms, yoga rooms, a cinema — especially one that screens local movies — is a nice way to kill time,” said Raymond Kollau, founder of AirlineTrends. Read article

Coming Innovations That Will Make Flying Economy (Mostly) Better

“I don’t envision any grand, over the top cabin and seating designs,” says Raymond Kollau, founder of research and innovation agency AirlineTrends. Read article

Why You Should Meditate on a Plane (and How to Do It)

“Airlines (finally) are becoming more sophisticated when it comes to catering to a passenger’s emotional needs, moving beyond functional elements,” says Raymond Kollau, founder of airline innovation agency AirlineTrends. Read article

You May Stop Getting Sick On Flights

“Seats made for sleep may be a given in first class, but airlines like Etihad and Cathay Pacific have spruced up economy seating on long-haul routes, putting your shuteye first,” says Raymond Kollau, founder of the airline innovation agency AirlineTrends. Read article

Chinese airport launches pink-coloured, female-only security checkpoints

Several airports in China, including in Shanghai, Chengdu and Tianjin, are said to also offer male-only security lanes, to help reduce the security checking times for men, reports. Read article